The Crypto Millionaire that Bought BitTorrent

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If we talk about some of the popular Internet things, Bitcoins, and BitTorrent are hot topics. Bitcoin is on the verge of getting more mainstream as more new people buy them.

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Along with this, BitTorrent was among the most famous platforms for downloading files. When cryptocurrency millionaire Justin Sun bought BitTorrent, it was almost a viral topic. Some people thought Sun was trying to flaunt his power in the media and some said it's genuine. The takeover of BitTorrent by Justin Sun brought a lot of changes in the company and its employees.

Many people call him a ruthless CEO who only wants to expand his power in the tech world.

The Crypto Millionaire that Bought BitTorrent

BitTorrent condition before the takeover Former BitTorrent employees have said that the company was operating very slow. Along with this, BitTorrent was also lacking in solid income streams.

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The management of the company was in the favor of getting acquired. BitTorrent was only operating as a peer-to-peer network for uploading and downloading data. And, it's hidden from no one that people used BitTorrent for exchanging movies and songs. Justin was already running a crypto exchange company called Tron in China. Tron was into cryptocurrencies, and BitTorrent was also a decentralized network. This buying decision of Sun was a strategic move towards becoming more powerful.

People close to Justin say that he wants to become the next Bill Gates and want to have more power. He used to catch up to many meetings in San Francisco and China back and forth to make it happen. After his acquisition of BitTorrent, the path towards expansion became clearer to Sun. After this, Sun used to travel to San Francisco a lot to create an empowering impression.

As his team used to work for almost 12 hours a day for six days a week, started to roll out this culture. Sun forced the concept of working from 9 to 9 and people in the US were not happy with it. This first major and unpleasant change was there to stay with people. With this app, his HR team was doing round-the-clock monitoring of employees.

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As per the former employees of Tron, Sun was very cut-throat for his company's growth. Justin Sun's only focus was to become more influential, powerful, and known in the world.

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As per the former people, Justin instructed his tech team to build a clone of popular apps. He also created his own app store which is available by the name of Tron Network. In Sun's app store, he let people buy those apps' clones with this cryptocurrency Tron. From gambling apps to dating apps and adult apps, Sun's app store had everything for its users. People only need to buy them or in some cases, use paano mag trading bitcoin for free from Tron.

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Sun is generating good revenue from the applications. Many people are against him as Sun is only copying and let other people use the applications. Without giving credit to the original app developer, his game of copy apps disturbed a lot of people. It is because Tron's paper was a heavy copy of Bitcoin and Ethereum's paper.

Several blockchain experts also pointed out similar points. But, the Chinese millionaire, Justin Sun, denied it and called it a translation glitch.

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Sun said when his team did the translation from Chinese to English, the context got lost. Many people still don't trust his currency and they call Tron a big bubble that will burst for sure in the future. Tron Network attracted spammers Justin's vision for Tron Network turned into a nightmare for many employees of the firm. As it was an paano mag trading bitcoin decentralized platform, many developers joined Tron.

In no time, they started scamming users and the company employees. Even after github crypto arbitraj the fact that all this is happening, Justin ignored all the problems.

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As per a former member, Justin told the translators now to translate anything related to it. To cover up this big blunder, Justin started paying heavy money to publications.

He also paid a heavy amount to a subReddit moderator for letting his team delete adverse threats. Sun's team then used to delete anything negative coming from his company, Tron.

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Justin's publicity stunt for Tron Justin Sun was hungry for publicity and he was ready to do anything, said an ex-employee. The biggest example of his publicity stunt was bidding for lunch with Warren Buffet. In earlier charity events of lunch with Warren Buffet, the name of the bidder used to kept secret.