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    The ultimate goal is to decentralize banking.

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    The Puerto Rico-based bank will be testing the digital onboarding process, web portals and its application programming interface with five companies from around the globe.

    Most banks are loath to serve the sector because the perceived risk of money laundering makes compliance expensive relative to the revenue generated by the account.

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    The handful of U. Fidor Bank in Germany, whose U. Looking at the movement of funds on a public ledger, Boyle argues, is more effective than traditional ways of detecting suspicious activity. To that end, he is in talks with digital banks around the globe about creating a network with multiple interoperable blockchains to facilitate instant sharing of know-your-customer information, identity transportability, real-time cross border payments and account transfers.

    Digital banks are generally defined as any provider of banking services without branches, serving clients only through mobile apps or the web.

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    Each of these banks would run a node on the blockchain network and would have access to local payment rails in those geographies. Currently, only large centralized foreign exchange desks can enable cross-border transactions between large banks, Boyle said.

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    Banks that have made splashy announcements about using blockchains for settlements of internal client fidor bank bitcoin are not truly using a blockchain because they only involve one node, Boyle argued.