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    All cash has been removed from the machines. The attacks are causing anxiety and unrest among inhabitants and businesses in the vicinity of the ATMs.

    As Dispenser bitcoin AMRO puts the safety of the neighbourhood first, it has decided to shut down all cash dispensers of this type with immediate effect. Escalating violence Last week, ABN AMRO had already closed dozens of a certain type of cash dispenser for the time being, and over the past days it has shut down and emptied all of them.

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    The dispensers of this type have been repeatedly targeted by criminal gangs and the escalating violence dispenser bitcoin to explode them are a source of serious concern, leaving its traces throughout society.

    This is why the bank has decided to take this temporary measure. These will remain open for use.

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    Available for use Access to, and availability of cash in our society is the subject of agreements made between banks, the uniform ATM provider Geldmaat, the Dutch central bank DNB and civil society organisations taking part in the National Forum on the Payment System. We understand that this measure may inconvenience people seeking to take out cash, but the safety of local inhabitants and businesses are our prime concern.

    The average cash loss per solid explosive attack is estimated at EUR 27, Din aceeași categorie 25 iunie Biometrie 25 iunie

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