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Visiting a few of the most beautiful castles in Romania is a brilliant way for getting the most from a beautiful one-week vacation in this country: history, wild nature and escape from hot city weather.

We have reviewed some of the most amazing castles in Romania and have described below a list of three that can offer all of the experiences above. Here are 3 of the most beautiful castles in Romania: 1.

Peleș Castle We start with Peleș Castle, as it is the newest among all 3 castles described here, and having the most luxurious and best preserved decorations.

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It is the main piece of attraction as part of a royal estate and residence complex that first belonged to king Carol I of Romania. Actually, the castle was built as result of his order, and from his personal budget. Yes, you got that right, then man paid from his own money, though he was the ruler of the country.

Here are 3 of the most beautiful castles in Romania:

The building of the castle started in year and it was finalized approximately 31 cliff high bitcoin later, during year The castle served as residence during summer period for the royal family untilwhen it was abusively taken over by the communist regime that established in Romania during Most important cliff high bitcoin visiting the castle was the emperor of Austria-Hungary of that time, Franz Joseph, in Please make sure you take the entire tour of the castle, as more interesting things will be explained to you by the guide.

Location The castle is situated in Sinaia, one of the most visited and most beautiful mountain resorts in the Romanian southern Carpathian Mountains, in the region of Bucegi mountains.

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An interesting detail is that Sinaia was named after the old monastery nearby Sinaia monastery — also a very interesting place worth visiting during your travel which was built in The monastery was named after the biblical Mount Sinai. Distance from main closest cities: Bucharest: approximately km Brașov: approximately 48 km Accommodation: Sinaia is not lacking accommodation, actually it is thriving with any types of hotels, hostels or villas where you can lodge.

You can find from basic 3 stars hotels or villas, to 5 stars highly luxurious ones.

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It all depends on your budget and how much comfort you would like to benefit of. Bran Castle Bran Castle is located less than 30 cliff high bitcoin from Brașov, on the road that connects Braşov with Câmpulung, and it was built on a high cliff, at micro- predare în hindi btc key strategic point for its time.

The castle was first officially documented inin a letter issued by King Louis I of Anjou, granting the Saxons living in Brașov Kronstadt full rights to build the fortress.

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Then, it is said that the local merchant Saxons started building it between and In the construction of the castle was dully acknowledged in documents of that time. The castle is situated in Bran-Moeciu touristic region, one of the most popular touristic areas in Brasov County. Bran-Moeciu is a great place to spend a week-end or vacation.

1. Peleș Castle

Distance from main closest cities: Bucharest: approximately km Ploiești: approximately km Brașov: approximately 30 km you can do a one-day trip to the castle if you stay in Brașov — see Google map for safest and shortest route from Brașov.

Accommodation: Bran and Moeciu are the localities where you can find closest accommodation facilities to the castle. Most of the facilities are private villas or guest houses.

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But you can find also a few hotels, with very good hosting conditions. Please make sure to reserve in advance, as the area is highly visited by tourists. It is a Gothic-Renaissance castle, situated in Hunedoara, an important city of Transylvania region.

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The castle is one of the most visited sites by tourists, attracted by its medieval scenery and artistic events that are hosted by it. Construction of the Corvin castle started in the medieval yearat the order of John Hunyadi, Voivode of Transylvania. The site was formerly given as present to his father, Voyk Voicu.

It is cum poate fi utilizat bitcoin over the site of an older fortification, on top of a rock above the small river Zlaști. It has tall and imposing towers, some of which were used as prisons. One of the towers Buzdugan tower was used only for defensive purposes and had its outside painted with geometric figures. It is said the fountain was dug by some Turkish prisoners held in one of the towers; they were promised freedom if they found water.

Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment

Although they succeeded after 15 years, it is said they were never released. Please make sure you take the full tour of the castle, as even more interesting things will be explained to you by the guide.

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You will see why it is rated as one of the most beautiful castles in Romania, and even among the most beautiful in Europe. Distances from main closest cities: Hunedoara: castle is 5 km away from Hunedoara city center Deva: approximately 17 km you can also lodge in Deva, and do a one-day trip to the castle Sibiu: approximately km Accommodation: Closest tourist facilities are in the city of Hunedoara and city of Deva Deva is approximately 17 km far from the Corvin castle.

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