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Bitcoin islamqa

Ass-alamu-alaikum please how do I ask dr zaki Naik a question Pinned by Mr. We put a lot of Effort and work into this. This is not a game, it is an investment There is no limit to how long I can keep a property in islam.

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I buy a asset and sell it when I need money or for profit. Thus there is no loss to that company. If there is no buyer I will keep the asset. The company also knows that it can sell shares at any time I think there is no problem with this If it is sold after one year then it is ok.

Is it wrong if it is sold in an hour?


In what way is this correct? Whether you buy it when the price is right down to the hell, then you sell it when it s at very expensive, or the vice versa. Bitcoin value piața monedelor loan allowed Marifin -Acum lună Ok, i will answer.

First, it s unlikely to profit in 1 hour, so rather than asking if it is haram or not, it is just impossible and questioning bitcoin islamqa impossible stuff is totally NO in islam.

Wajid ArabAcum 4 luni Sir is forex broker dealing halal? Pinned by Mr. Just because you want haram money. You have so much knowledge and Bitcoin islamqa have very little.

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This is no different than buying tomatoes. A tomato seller buys tomatoes to sell at a higher bitcoin islamqa. Same for gold seller. If market price increases due to supply demand then he will sell buy at new price. I respectfully disagree with your position on this. DugsiyeAcum 4 luni Is Nasdaq stock trading Haram or halal? I want Dr. Zakir Naik sir opinion ThirsTy KiLlErzAcum 5 luni Sheikh how about when investing in gold in the stock market or apps can we buy and sell gold from trading apps?

Like buying when the prices are low and then selling it when the prices are high depending on time whether a bitcoin islamqa hours or whether a week?

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Zakir sahb I am a big fan off you but Plzzzzz make a video on Cryptocurrency Dekhen me khud cryptocurrency pr kam kr rha hun mere experience K mutabiq ye halal qarar dedi jye gi kyn K jis trha coins se wqt change hokr paper currency pr aya isi trha ab Cryptocurrency bhi agee K wqt ki zaroorat hai ye 1 esi currency hai jise hum kisi bhi country me ja kr use kr skte hain.

Joke future me buhot bitcoin islamqa degi.

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Or jb world ki population brhti hai to technology arooj pati hai. Ye paper currency companies apni mezii se note ki quantity tyar krti hain or hum 1 country ki currency doosre country me use nhi kr skte ab Population brh rhi hai age dor technology ka hai to crypto hr country me use ho skti hai or jahan tk baat rhi K iska koi wajood Nhi hai to hr coin ka apna 1 card hota hai or second in coins ko sale and purchase krne ki leagel multilevel websites hoti hain Bitcoin islamqa K trustable or heavy budget wali hoti hain Plzzzzz make a video on crypto currency kindly K ye halal hai ya Haram Bitcoin islamqa meri nzr me technology haram Nhi hoti uska galat use haram hota hai Mustafa MuhammadAcum 5 luni Bonds - haram Options - haram Futures - haram Forwards - haram Forex - haram Stocks - some of them halal,some of them haram.

The only financial instrument which is allowed for muslims is stock and you still try to prohibit it. Where is your argument from Quran or Sunnah? You just logically bringing bitcoin islamqa unacceptable example. Dear ulama, please think about the Ummah, don't try to make them poor and poor.

Let them be involved in modern finance and economy otherwise a future of muslims is only being a Taxi driver or carpenters. Marifin -Acum lună Forex is halal wtf. You are not only buying a share of company's asset. You are not getting into business with intention of actively becoming a partner. You own the share of a company with no active involvement. As long as you own the risk and rewards of your share of assets then you do whatever you want whenever you want.

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Your rationale is flawed. One step at a timeAcum 6 luni Sir, kindly make a clarification on trading in commodities and also whether its permissible to short sell in trading as we are selling something which is not in our hand IzzatAcum 6 luni Plus, as I know, if we invest stock market for a short term.

Derek DsouzaAcum 6 luni If you want a long term stock portofilio in Indiayou can email me on : Longtermshares protonmail. So if I buy fruit in the morning hoping to sell them by lunch at a profit does it mean it haram just because I kept the stock less bitcoin islamqa a day?

bitcoin islamqa

I don't know how the time limit is determined to be perfectly honest. Subhan HamidAcum 25 Zile When you buy a stock, it means that you become a partner of doing the business. In essence, You cannot be a partner of a business for just one hour bitcoin equity trading one day.

Partner means that you are friends that will go alongside with the business both its profit or losses. Buying fruits in the morning and selling them in the afternoon or tomorrow, it is not problem because you are trading, not becoming a partner of business.

Cryptocurrencies Halal or Haram. Crypto mining Halal. Crypto investment. crewing-ops.roe

Bakr Nader العانيAcum 7 luni I have a question Sir. Its more of an example to try and justify Day trading intraday trading " If i go to the market and i see a a fruit stand that i like and it bitcoin islamqa as if he is in a good position bitcoin islamqa sell all his fruits without it rotting for the day, could i not invest with him in example buy more fruits and then sell it in his stand for that one day is this not a strategy to reduce risk of my money decreasing over time in a long term business plan.

Good earnings reported, new invention, or i have news a company is willing to buy the whole company on that one day, could i not profit if i come in at the right time? It is the same concept as if i buy fruit and place it in the fruit stand then someone comes and wants to buy the whole stand with its fruit for a lump some which causes all my fruit to be sold. Please your advise if this is justified.

Wondering DervishAcum 7 luni Assalam Dr. Check this video out: roblocks.

Zakir Nayak, you are good muslim and good debator. Abdul BasitAcum 8 luni What is strange analysis. Zakar Nayak answer me this question. If some one buy 1 KG potato for a purpose of resale it again.


It is Hilal. Is it haram??? Who says it is haram. He is owner of 1 K. It is his wish he want to sell his commodity in 1 hour or 1 year. He can sell it when ever he want.

Cele mai bune 5 platforme de tranzacționare a criptomonedelor decembrie - Aflați 2 comerț Cea mai bună aplicație pentru tranzacționarea criptomonedelor de zi există o obligațiune bitcoin? Sunt prezentate pe scurt diferite metode de injecție axială.

He is owner. Same goes for shares. How you can say it is Haram. Fake MailAcum 8 luni As for the taking possession of the stock shares the brokers are nowadays extremely bitcoin islamqa and thus it makes possible for a trader to immediately take the possession of the particular share. Bitcoin islamqa you decide to hold the shares for a longer period of time you can then request the certificate of ownership of the particular shares that you are involved in thus becoming a physical shareholder.

To know whether or not are shares signed under your name you have to contact the broker and ask them directly about this issue. Beisde stock matkets, If i we bought some partnership share in our local village shops and after a week or a month some offered good price for that share partnership and we are also not permissable to sell? Iam bitcoin islamqa. Please clarify.


Suppose you buy a stock and bitcoin islamqa not about you bought for long term or short term it's about you analysed that stock and then bought that whenever it's price increase you going sell it. Because the time you bought you didn't know when this stock price going to increase.

So the first person waited for 2 months and 15 days and u waited for 15 days only its about intention. Whether you want gamble or not. Trading can be gamble when you make it gamble.

bitcoin islamqa

And if you analyse intrați în bitcoin trading buy for good performance of the company and if it's increase a little you can sell its not haram because you don't want to wait for high return Awais MandeAcum 9 luni Assalamualaikum how much is minimum time span for which we can invest Abdul MuttalibAcum 5 luni Yes Bro, In My Personal Opinion About At Least An Year.

You're an Islamic Fundamentalist living in 13th century. You have quoted that short selling is Gambling.

De asemenea, numele unora avea o formă neuzuală. Am făcut corecturile necesare folosind o denumire unitară, uzuală și simplă, dar nu au avut viață lungă pentru că același Mihai Andrei cu care am mai avut genul ăsta de discuții și-n trecut, folosind aceleași metode tot ca în trecut, a dat revert.

So is it possible to explain this point please? Thank you Syed MudassirAcum 9 luni.

bitcoin islamqa