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Bitcoin hashrate, Impozitele, escrocii și hashrate ating prețul Bitcoin pentru moment


    Possible reasons behind this decrease might be related to the planned tax reform in the United States, the recent scam by the Turkish crypto-exchange Thodex, and the fall of the hashrate in Bitcoin minerit.

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    Bitcoin hashrate the first case, Bloomberg reported yesterday that president Joe Biden is planning to increase the taxes over capital gains. It would be around Fear of higher capital gains rate could motivate selling of those names [stocks] and trigger market correction, so some bitcoin hashrate will try and front run that potential move by selling or hedging through short selling.

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    As for the scam by crypto-exchange Thodex, we must mention that its users are unable to withdraw their funds since several days ago. So far, 62 people were arrestedbut a possible recovery of the funds is pending.

    This happened not long after the Turkish government banned cryptocurrencies for payments.

    After some explosionsflooding, and mortal victims, the coal-based power stations in these regions started self-inspections and cut off the power as a precaution. This means that the blockchain can be very slow and expensive during the next two weeks until the difficulty changes again.

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    The price corrections are very common, and we already had several of them thisjust before the price bounced back and reached new heights. O poți face în siguranță pe Alfacash!

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