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What we are witnessing today is clearly a bubble, made possible by scarcity and by an expected sequence of gains which investors believe will be sustained, irrespective of the fundamentals.

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That is the definition of a bubble. Bitcoin is not a currency. Investors should not believe that they will be able to use it as a means of payment. It is a speculative investment.

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There is a risk of large capital losses which investors should be aware of. So the main concern related to Bitcoin is not a monetary one but one that relates bitcoin bubble investor protection, and possibly also to tax evasion, money laundering and criminal finance.

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The ECB is not a securities regulator. Regulators worldwide have recently warned investors repeatedly about possible losses.

In Europe, the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, adopted by the European Council and the European Parliament last Friday [15 December ] requires exchange platforms and wallet providers to report suspicious transactions and identify owners of digital currencies.

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How do you see the prospect of central bank digital currencies? This is an area where central banks tread with great caution, because bitcoin walking app jurisdictions face different trends in the demand for cash, and because we have to assess the full impact of any change in the way we operate, both for the citizens of our countries and for the structure of financial intermediation.

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In that respect, I would make a clear distinction between wholesale and retail applications. Starting with wholesale markets, we see that distributed ledger technology DLT has a lot of potential for market infrastructures.

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All major central banks are looking into it. The question will arise as to whether central banks could at some point provide central bank money to financial market infrastructures in a digital form.

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We are still in the early stages of that discussion, but it is a relevant one. Indeed, the Bank of England sees potential benefits bitcoin bubble DLT for future RTGS systems, although, like us, it believes that this technology it is not yet sufficiently mature.

But we will continue to look into it. As for the retail side, that is, central bank digital currencies replacing banknotes and coins, we are much more prudent.

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First, there are only a limited number of countries where demand for cash is clearly on a downward trend.

Sweden is faced with such a situation, but in the euro area we are not.

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We are therefore not being pushed to go in that direction. Second, we also have to consider the implications for security and trust in the currency. Today, we invest a lot of resources in fighting the counterfeiting of banknotes.

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What would fraud, and fraud combat, look like in an environment with a digital currency? And third, we want to make sure that we fully understand the long-term consequences for the financial system. Today, most of the money used in the economy is created by banks. How would digital money affect the role of banks as financial intermediaries, and would it make the financial system more, or less, stable?

These are issues on which much more reflection is required, hence our great caution.

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This is actually my last point. A lot of the current interest in central bank digital currencies, or private digital currencies, stems from bitcoin bubble fact that people expect them to be faster and cheaper than existing means of payment. These expectations can be easily met by upgrading existing payment systems. TIPS will go live in November But here we are less advanced.

Criptografia asimetrică utilizează o pereche de chei asimetrice publică și privată. Transferul de sume între conturile publice folosește cheile criptografice publice pentru a confirma tranzacțiile și a preveni dubla-cheltuire. Cheia publică este utilizată pentru criptarea unui text, care apoi nu poate fi decodificat decât folosind cheia privată corespunzătoare. Criptarea cu cheie publică este folosită în tranzacțiile cu Bitcoin pentru a asigura confidențialitatea.